A lot of investors think that they can make a significant amount of income from sweepstakes cafes and they are right. Nowadays, sweepstakes cafes offer business owners numerous advantages such as high-profit margins, easiness of control and a way to become rich quickly. Video slots can make you an immense amount of money if you choose the right software for them. Now the software platform is something fundamental when we are talking about opening sweepstakes cafes. You need to do some research and determine which sweepstakes software companies will work for you best. In this post, we will show you why sweepstakes software is vital to your sweepstakes cafe, name a few software companies and give a little information about every one of them.

Why do I need sophisticated software?

  After you get your building and hardware ready and installed, you should now write software to your computers. Without software, they will be just regular computers with medium specifications. The sweepstakes software provided by companies will help you in a lot of ways from managing your profit to providing compelling games with vivid colors. First of all, the casino software is needed to run the games. The software will contain all the games you desire and make it playable on regular computers. It is essential to choose the best companies because the quality of your games will depend on the online casino provider. Secondly, then it will help you monitor all of the games played at the real-time and show all the additional information you might need to help you watch the operations.




The list provided below show you the best companies in the United States. They are the leaders of this industry, so it is your job to have a piece of brief information about these companies as an internet sweepstakes cafe owner. They not only provide internet cafe software, but also online casino software which is something you might also be interested in. Now let’s dive into it!

Why is sweepstakes hardware essential?

  If you want to open an internet sweepstakes cafe, the first thing you will need is the physical building for your business or an internet service provider. That is something everybody knows, and it is not our topic so I won’t dive into it. The second thing you need to take care of is the hardware. Now, this is an essential step of building a successful internet sweepstakes cafe. Therefore you should give stronger attention to this factor. Your casino software will run on the hardware you have previously purchased. The software companies provide runs on most computers but not all of them.



Novomatic is unquestionably one of the best companies offering high-quality slot games in the country. Novomatic’s Gaminator slots have an immense reputation because of its dramatic graphics and high quality. The themes of the company make Novomatic’s products significantly differ from other video slots. Amazing intuitive functionality, great interface, and massive rewards create the best experience for the people.

Book of Ra is an excellent effort of this company. The theme background of this game is Egyptian, and the story is based on that. The Book of Ra and scarabaei symbolize the theme body of this game. The game gives two choices. It can play either for a scatter or a wild. Ten free spins are activated only if three books align. This game is super easy to play and easy to win making it the most popular game among the others.





The Playtech is known to supply online casino owners with the best products. Playtech is also one of the most respected companies in the US and not far behind from Novomatic.

Playtech has developed jackpots to make user’s experience comfortable and fun while earning them money. The design of the company’s games is eye-catching and has a super easy interface. Playtech offers countless games, opportunities to customize them according to owners’ needs, sophisticated payment systems, and quality slot themes contributing to the worth of products developed and provided by the company.

The most popular game of the company is Gladiator which is based on the well-known movie. It usually attracts the Gladiator movie fans, and they all enjoy the game together.




  Microgaming company is the veteran among other sweepstake software companies. They have a lot of experience creating online casino software to deliver a fantastic experience. When Microgaming created casino slots for online platforms, the internet was still underdeveloped and had a lot fewer users. Since that time, Microgaming has developed over a thousand video slot games.

  To optimize their gaming development, they have created Viper which is an established tool. The servers’ operation of the company is highly reliable with a high-security level. Their payment system is also super advanced with integrated multicurrency payment systems.

  Microgaming is known for its flagship slot games called The Jurassic Park. This is one of the best games of the company and has grabbed people’s interest over the years. The game has Jurassic Park times in the background creating a unique atmosphere for the players. This game offers additional multipliers and slot bonus rounds.





A lot of people who have some knowledge about this particular industry has to know about EGT. EGT is one of the most professional sweepstakes software companies and develops high-quality software for its customers. EGT launched about twenty years ago; however, it has gained a lot of practical experience during these years.

The slot game called Rise of Ra is one of the best efforts of EGT. The game is full of impressive animation effects, quality sounds, and thrilling graphics. It is possible to activate the Jackpot option at any time of the play.


 Last but not least, Amatic concentrates on designing high-quality systems for online casinos and land-based sweepstakes game cafes. Sports betting, tabletop, and roulette games are the principal works of the company. Amatic is taken seriously in the gambling system for its exceptional design and superior functional characteristics. The companies sales have been increasing over the past few years thanks for its hard-working professionals.

  Admiral Nelson game created by Amatic is made after the well-known naval commander. The game can be played in different languages and has an easy to navigate interface.


It is essential that you contact the sweepstakes software company you want to do business with and ask them about the minimum requirements of their software. They will probably give you a piece of detailed information (if it is one of the decent sweepstakes software companies) and provide you with some options. You might tell them about your preferences, for example, what kind of games you will want on your computers, how you want to control the operations and so on. At the end of the call you have to be left with detailed information, and you need to know exactly what you are looking for in terms of hardware. It is not hard to mess up the whole thing by purchasing the wrong equipment and having to deal with the returns and other issues. You have to be making money without letting anything distract you from your business. Take your time and do some research to find answers to the questions in your mind before getting started with this profitable online gambling business.