Recently multi-line slot games have gained enormous fame among the gamblers. Whereas some people are still loyal to the standard slot games, they are about to give their place to the multi-line ones. While multiline games have tons of advantages, games which are not willing to pay lots of money on these games go for the standard sets.

If we compare these two types of games, we can surely say that the main difference between them is the likelihood of a win. As we can see from the name, the single line games give you only one pay line per spin. It means that for each turn your chance to win is 50%.  However, the multi-line slot games give you an opportunity to play up to 25 lines. The number of lines depends on the games.

The Advantages

Since the lines which multi-line games allow the gamers to play is multiple, the chance of a win is much higher. It is also possible that you win more than once at one spin.  Moreover, multiline slot games include some unique features. Right below you can find a list of the most common bonuses you can get if give a try to the modern version of slot games:

  • Wilds-Wilds replaces the other symbols, but not the bonus icons. Sometimes it is also possible to get the chance to multiply your wins by two times, three times or even more.
  • Scatter Pays – Whichever payline the ‘’scatter pays’’ hits, it pays out that multi payline reels. It also gives you bonuses if you have them on different spots.
  • Progressive Jackpots – can spread randomly or in line, they form a percentage of every wager.  
  • Big-Payline Slots-Depending on the developers they can offer a wide range of paylines. It is also possible that some slots offer a thousand paylines at only one spin.

Disadvantages of The Multi Lines

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Since the multi-line slot games have gained vast popularity, the slot machines are most of the time busy. In most casinos, it is hard to find a multi-line slot machine, without standing in line. The designers constantly renewing its features, the graphic designs are so gripping that the gamers enjoy their games more than they do on a standard slot machine. Moreover, on a multi-line slot machine, the gamblers feel the high probability of success and are ready to pay more to achieve one of those promising jackpots which have a life-changing effect. However, the number of multi-line slot machines is increasing, and the features are developed day by day by the use of advanced technology.

Best of Best

If you are determined to try the multi-line slot games, you can choose from one of the best ones listed below:

Boom Brothers

Boom Brothers is an excellent video slot which comes in 20 payline slot it is also consist of five reels. The main characters are three dwarves who are crazy about explosives. On the game, the icons which have little value is a helmet, a hammer, a bucket, a pickaxe, and a glowing lantern. The valuable images are metallic and indicated by the dwarves with a brown, a green and a red face. Their values increase respective to the order, and the essential icon is the face of the white dwarf.

Mega Spin Break da Bank Again

Mega Spin Break da Bank Again is one of the most preferred games among gamblers. Its volatility is the best feature of this game. Since the game is mobile friendly,  you can take advantage of the possibility of playing the game on your mobile phone. In this game, the different symbols will grip your attention such as diamonds, cold hard cash, gold bars, pens and checks, and the vault icon.

Oriental Fortune

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As you can see from its name, the Oriental Fortune has adopted a theme relating to the Asian culture. Both the interface and the design effects make an impression that as if you are in a place surrounded by the Asian culture. This effect is due to the background music which is played on sangen. The interface gives a tapestry effect, knit with individual attention. The symbols also contain some elements of Asian culture. They include a dragon, a girl in kimono, fish, etc.

Stash of the Titans

The stash of the Titans is a multi-line game designed like a cartoon. The theme of the game is built on the ancient Greek culture. On the background, you can see the shelters of the Gods and the mount Olympus. The mount occupies a prominent space on the screen and symbolizes the Greek mythology.

5 Reel Drive

5 Reel Drive is a 5 reel video slot which has adopted fast cars and fast food as its theme. The design is quite simple, yet relaxing. It is suitable for those who do not to be distracted by the alluring details. The game is way too more American with a vintage atmosphere.

Hot Ink

Hot ink will grab your attention with its all nice icons. The game takes place in a tattoo parlor. It gives an impression of the retro tattoo designs. In each game, you can get a free spin and gain up to 100,000 coins. There is a vast variety of combinations, and it means a higher probability of a win.

Doctor Love

Doctor Love is the main character of the game. He appears in a hospital with his nurse. The game is 20 payline slot game and demonstrates alluring features of the design. It also includes some bonuses such as wilds, scatters, multipliers. And free spins. The game is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems. The bad news is that it is not possible to download the game.

Gold of Machu Picchu

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Gold of Machu Picchu is a simple game by Microgaming. It is quite easy to pick up and play. The bet ranges from $0,01 to $150 for each spin. However, if you want to benefit from all the features, you must be ready to pay a bit more. Regardless of how much you spend, you still will be considered for the jackpot which equals  5,000 times your line bet.


Versailles is an excellent game asking its players to take the responsibility of peacemaking. All you need to is bringing the  Royal Family and the Catholic Church to an agreement. Every time you make a sensible offer, you gain. You can start to win even at the very beginning of the game. It is all about your peacemaking skills.

What to know before you spin

If you are one of those people who is attracted by the multi-line games and have decided to try your chance on it, there are some factors which you need to take into consideration. The main thing is that you must have previous experience in slot games. Otherwise, you will not understand how to play the game and lose your money. If you have never tried a standard match and are not mastered it, you can get confused about the new version of these games. Since the structure differs from one to another, you must be educated about the necessary steps which can take you to success.

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