Online slots are the most popular games played in online casinos. Therefore, online casinos provide an extensive selection of online slots. The most famous ones have approximately the same elements. They share similar and easily identified theme, a lot of free plays and bonuses. Nowadays, every month, we see new online slots launched by different online casino providers. There are so many excellent online slots and providers, but choosing only some of them was next to impossible. All of them differ from each other and has a lot of variations. Although we have many favorites, we have provided some of the best and most famous slot games for you. We have collected the best niches, eliminated the ones that share so many similarities like themes, symbols, etc. Every month Now have online slots games to share from different providers and with different characteristics. 


We are starting with one of the most exciting online slots that gained a lot of attention recently. According to gambling lovers, Starburst is one of the best online slot games ever. The game is a NetEnt slot game based on Starburst Wilds. You will see these wilds appearing on the three middle and will give you free plays. Another reason why this slot is popular is that it is one of the real money online casino games. Players can win up to £50,000 from Starburst, and you can win astronomical prizes from it. 

One of the popular NetEnt online slots has five reels and ten paylines. NetEnt is an experienced online casino provider and has a considerable reputation in the gambling industry. With its colorful images, galactic graphics, and an excellent soundtrack, it is the best online slot by NetEnt. It is one of the funny but straightforward video slots you could ever play. Its design will remind you of a modern arcade game. Perfect color choices, background design, is so appealing. You can bet money between 1p and £100 and earn a lot of money in return. There is a Max Bet button which allows you to bet the maximum amount. Like in other slots there is both manual and auto play mode.

Also, you can set some requirements on auto mode to control your budget. For example, you can stop the game once you win. The game is low risk but high reward slot. 


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The game does not contain so many features as other video slots, but it is a specific type of slot game make its players loyal to the game. It could remind you Bejewelled game because of its jewelry icons. You will observe lots of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds while playing it. Gold bar and number seven symbols are the most paying ones. You can combine icons from left to right and vice versa, which means winning prizes in both ways through ten paylines.  

Additionally, there is a Wild symbol which can appear in second, third, and fourth reels. Once you hit those reels with a Wild symbol, it will stay here until your next free spin and will help you to earn more money. It could stay up to three free spins. 

With its amazing features and opportunities to win a lot of money, Starburst has become the most played slot game among gambling players. 

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Anchorman is a Bally slot game based on 2004 film featuring Ron, Brian, Champ, and Baxter. It offers a lot of bonus features. Especially, Baxter Wilds feature gives you ten wilds for just one spin and Big Bonus feature provides you with cash prizes. It is a slot game with five reels and 25 paylines where bet size may vary between 75p and £150. It offers its players different bonus features including Ron and Mystery Stack Reels, and many others, for example, Baxter Wilds will allow you to get ten wilds, and a Big Bonus feature will help you to access more than four additional features. 

Symbols in the game include sunglasses, whiskey tumblers, cowboy hats, and Baxter. Also, you will observe four main characters on the reels, which are Ron, Champ, Brian, and Baxter. The most paying symbol is Ron, which gives you 2.6 times of your stake. There is also a Wild symbol which replaces all your tokens. During the default game, two possibilities could happen to your logos. They can turn into Mystery Stack Reels or Ron Reels. In the first case – when they become to Mystery Stack Reels some symbols (KVWN-TV van, Champ, Brian, wild, Baxter, Ron, whiskey tumbler, Brick, or sunglasses) will replace the default symbols on the reels.

In the second case – when you are in the Ron Reel play only several symbols such as Champ, wild, Baxter, Ron, cowboy and whiskey tumbler will be on the reels. You can get Bonus feature only when you are not in the Ron or Mystery Reels. 


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Look for the Bonus feature on the second, third, or fourth reels when you are not in the Mystery or Ron Reels. It will trigger the Bonus feature, and you will get one spin for the Bonus feature. In that case, you can win 13 times of your stake, or could active other additional four features. There is also a jackpot called Nice, which gives you 33 times of your stake. Coming to the four features – when you hit the relevant main characters (Ron, Champ, Brian, or Brick), you will get access to the bonus feature. These four features are as follows:

Free Games feature: in that feature, you will get six free spins, and you will see six more Ron symbols which are, Robe Ron, Fire Ron, Coat Ron, Hat Ron, and Anchor Ron. 

Whammy, Free Games Feature: in this feature, you will access 12 free plays. Whammy here is the symbol name, and in case you hit this symbol on the second, third, or fourth reels, you will activate the free play feature. And note that for each Whammy symbol, you can get 13.33 times of your stake. 

Brick’s Weather Wheels feature: you can spin the Blu Wheel with cash prizes between 75 and 1000 times of your stake. If you can hit the Level up the segment, you could spin Green Wheel where you could get a chance to win up to 2000 of your stakes.

Six Panther feature: in that feature, you will pick three bottles, and each bottle will offer you cash awards. You can even choose one pick where you gain another pick, and it helps you to earn even more cash. 

Family Guy

You can play Family Guy from both Desktop and mobile devices. The game is one of the IGT online slots based on the animated TV show. There are seven bonus features where you can win both cash prizes and free plays. You can also trigger an additional four features, which are Peter, Stewie, Lois, or Brian – Giggity, Giggity. 

Initially, the game was, but now for online gambling lovers, it is available online as well. Available for Desktop, mobile phones, tablets, the game offers five reels with thirty paylines. You can play the game by betting money between 50p and £1,500. All the seven bonuses features refer to the main characters from the show. We want to mention that the design of the game is excellent and reflects the TV show perfectly. One of the most paying symbols here is World Bonus which triggers the Family Guy bonus feature. You can hit this symbol on any position of three middle reels.  Also, you can click on the globe to spin one of the bonus features. These features are as following: 

You can active the Drunken Clam Bonus feature where you can choose one character and win up to 1000 times the value of the spin that triggered this feature. Then you need to select between five and 750 times of the coin value. The feature ends when the selected character collapses. Probably the most impressive symbol in the game is Peter heart symbol. If you collect three of that symbol, it will change the Louis symbol into a wild symbol. Overall there is five Louis symbol, and you can easily calculate how much you will earn by finding the Peter heart symbol. 

Features of the online slots

Another feature is the Chicken Fight. Here in this feature, you need to select Peter Griffin or The Giant Chicken. One of them will be your fighter for functionality. It will be three rounds of the fight, and you will select several prizes which depend on how many picks you get. Each pick you give you between 5 and 1000 times of the coin value. The first round gives you multiplier up to 2x and the second one gives you a multiplier between 2x and 3x, and the final round offers you a multiplier between 3x and 5x. 

The final feature you could get benefit is Lois’ Hot Free Spins Bonus. With this feature, you will gain up to ten free spins. Therefore look for a wild symbol while playing as they substitute other symbols and lead you to more prizes. There is also another symbol called Giggity Retrigger. It appears in the middle reels and gives you up to five free spins. 

There are different symbols and features that you could take advantage of and increase your winnings. Last but not least feature we want to mention is Griffin Family Mystery. The game displays this feature randomly while you are playing when there is no Bonus symbol on the second reel. 

Overall, Peter feature will give you a random prize (usually up to 50 times of your stake), feature Stewie will provide you with up to three wild symbols. Louis feature will provide you with three characters, and feature Brian will give you Family Guy World Bonus feature with one or two symbols. 

King Kong Fury

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It is an excellent online slot with five reels and fifty paylines. The game based on the 2017 film and is available for all devices. It starts with the two randomly chosen base game features and adds fifteen symbols and twelve wilds. Initially, you can start with one hundred free spins and later increase the amount. From the game, the maximum amount you could get is up to 12.500 times of your stake. 

The game is in the list of top NextGen slot games with five reels, four rows, and fifty paylines. You can play the game with a bet amount between 25p and £500 for each spin. You may start with one hundred spins. There is also another exciting feature which is raging respins, and it provides another re-spins for each free spin you have. 

The game has impressive images and symbols: it has 10, K, J, A, Q, and nine playing cards, and several beats including triceratops, bugs, pterodactyls, and snakes. Tyrannosaurus rexes are one of the most paying symbols as it gives you five times of your stake. Kone here is the wild symbol, and as in other online slots, it replaces the other symbols. Note that Kong symbol appears only on the third reel. 


While considering the online slot features, we could mention the most favorable ones. There is a Lightning Reel which can appear in any spin and will add additional fifteen reel symbols to the reels. Then the game chooses one random beast and adds it to one of the reels. With this beast, you can gain big wins. It is one of the King Kong features called Lightning Reel. 

Another feature is the king’s call, which adds twelve wild symbols and gives you a lot of wins. We can mention another desirable feature called the king of the skull. You can trigger this feature once you hit Bonus symbol on the first reel and Anne Darrow symbol in the fifth reel. We understand that it could be challenging to run precisely the same bobbins, but once you manage it, you will gain free spins between nine and one hundred. 

We want to mention that in King Kong Fury online slot, there is no limitation in the free spins. You could get as many free spins as possible. Also, there is one feature which is Raging Re-Spins, and you can trigger this feature only when you play the free spin. Therefore, to get more prizes from this online slot, you need to play more free spins. 

King Kong Fury is one of the fantastic online slots and provides a wide variety of bonuses and free plays. You will both spend a pleasant time and get lots of prizes while playing this online game. 

Monopoly Mega Movers

Monopoly Mega Movers is one of the fascinating online slots with five reels and thirty paylines. There are lots of wild symbols in the base game, and you could also get a Wheel feature which triggers  Wild Spin Bonus feature. Here in this feature, you can add more the twelve wild symbols to reels. There is also an excellent Free Bonus feature where you can get up to one hundred free spins. The game also offers five jackpots from the Grand Jackpot which gives you five times of your stake. 

The advantage of this game is that you can play it from any devices, including smartphones, tablets, Desktop with bet sizes between 50p and  £75. The set comes with three exciting feature and five jackpots. You could get twelve wilds from the Wild Spin Bonus feature and up to one hundred free spins from the Free Spins Bonus feature. The game has simple rules and design so that the game experience will be smooth and exciting. It has a blue background and symbols from traditional monopoly game including train, car, top hat, battleship, dog, cat, ducky, penguin, and T-Rex. Mr. Monopoly is the most rewarding symbol which gives you five times your stake. The Wild symbol replaces the other ones and appears only at the middle three reels. 

Features of the online slots

Monopoly Mega Movers is one of the top online slots real money that offer a wide variety of features. The most exciting feature in the Monopoly Mega Movers is Wheel Feature. You can trigger this feature with the background symbol. It appears randomly, and if you could get more than three of that symbol on the same row, then you will manage to trigger the Wheel feature. As a result, you will get one spin from the corresponding wheel. The rewarded wheel will depend on how many background symbols you got in the same row. You could get three, four, or five symbols and wheel feature will change depending on the number. 

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