Hello! In this article, we will tell you about Fisharcades online casino games. And above all, we also want to tell you about the benefits of Fisharcades. This article will be useful for both beginners and professionals. One of the reasons for this article is that very often, after registering on the website of online casino games, players are simply lost in the catalog. Therefore, in this article, we will try to comprehensively identify all the issues and touch on the main points in Fisharcades casino games. And of course, which Fisharcades games are the best.

For this, we have done a very detailed analysis. In particular, we compared all the most popular games in Fisharcade and calculated the most optimal options.

Below we will give you the best games. Rather, what we considered the best. In the sense of – “Our choice.”

Bananas go Bahamas (Classic)

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Bananas go Bahamas is one of the most popular Fisharcades online casino games. The development of the game belongs to the Novomatic.


The game has 3 blocks and 9 pay lines. The plot of the game takes place in the Bahamas. The “main characters” here are bananas. Just think – fruits and berries are resting in the Bahamas! As a game location rises the sea beach, where bananas take their positions.

Game process

The player chooses the initial bet and sets the number of pay lines. Next, the player launches the game itself. To get the prize, the player should spin the wheels and find the winning combination. If he succeeds, he will receive his prize.

Additional bonuses

The online game also has a number of additional slot bonuses. This is due to additional online gaming slots.

The main figure in the game is the Wild Banana. This is a crown figure, as it can replace any existing figure on the lines. The only exception is the Scatter figure.

Another nuance

Any other “Wild” pieces can double the player bonus. To do this, run 2-3 Scatter shapes and get up to 45 bonus spins. Winnings can also be doubled. But it is a risky way. It’s about choosing a card. But be careful! The wrong choice can reduce all your winnings per round.

Design and effects

The game is made in a foreign design. Bananas are worked out with amusing precision. Throughout the gameplay, the gamer will be accompanied by pleasant music and low-key effects. The musical effects are reminiscent of real slot machines and create the atmosphere of a real casino. Also, the game pieces have worked animation when you select them every time.

In general, the popularity of this game is not accidental. And this game can really give the player a pleasant feeling, leaving him with “tropical” sensations.

Riches of India (Classic)

online casino gamesThe next development of Novomatic is the online game Riches of India. Riches of India is inspired by the exotic and appealing culture of India.

Riches of India has long been familiar to professional players since this online game appeared at the dawn of popularizing gambling entertainment in the virtual world.

Riches of India is one of the “veterans” of online casino games.

And it is no coincidence, as the excitement and lingering plot attracted many in the nineties. The unsurpassed design, perfectly reflecting the atmosphere of the Riches of India slot, immediately attracted the attention of users of various ages. Also in Riches of India, the slot offers a profitable reward system.

And although Riches of India has been present in the world of gambling for a long time, the slot developed by talented programmers competes with many of the latest casino games.

Riches of India is of high quality, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. This explains the leading position occupied by the Riches of India slot machine.

Online casino game Riches of India became the basis for new slots created in the following years. Having selected the Riches of India slot machine on the virtual casino page, the gamer sees the standard five reels, which determine the loss of symbols during the rotation. Also here are the usual nine-game lines. Those who choose the slot for the first time should familiarize themselves with the main characters.

Symbols correspond to the theme of the game slot. Detailed information about each slot symbol of Riches of India can be found by clicking on the “Info” button. Important information!

Players intending to play Riches of India should be aware that the image of the main slot symbol is both a scatter and a wild symbol replacing other symbols to make a winning combination.

The gamer, who managed to collect three similar pictures on the reels of the Riches of India slot, is entitled to ten additional free spins. Thanks to free spins, a gambler can significantly replenish his account without spending a penny of his money.

Payout percentage in Fisharcades Games


When a potential client starts playing casino games Fisharcades online, he asks himself the question: “I wonder what percentage of payments are valid in online casino games?”.

Experienced players know that in all casino games there is a lower return threshold, which always depends on the number of bets made.

This is one of the main “theories” of casinos. If in more detail, when a client enters an online casino game, then in the slots section he sees a lot of interesting pictures. These are avatars of game slots. And all these slots belong to different software developers – the software base of the device. There are many of them.

As an example, we can mention that one of the advantages of slot games is that you can choose the slot that you like. When choosing a slot game, you should look at two things:

  • Your desire
  • Game options

The desire of the overwhelming majority of players is obvious – not to lose (surprise).

But with the parameters, everything is somewhat more complicated. To deal with this point, we give another example.

In fact, in the parameters of the game slot, you can easily find the RPT figure – 95.299%. This figure is very important for online casino games. In particular, it means how much money a player loses or will lose when he makes the next spin. That is, at each rotation of the conditional drum, it is in such a game slot that the player will lose a little less than five percent of the bet. The budget of slot games leaves exactly 5% percent, despite the fact that the bet can be completely lost.

In the future, the gameplay in this slot can win that block the deposit. It is quite real. However, if we take a more significant distance meaning the more dispersive the slot is, the more range is needed ), the player will ultimately receive this percentage of RPT. Mathematically it will be obvious that the player loses an average of 5% of each scroll. Here is such magic.

Fisharcades – play on the official website


Thus, writing about all Fisharcades games will take quite a lot of time. But summing up, we can say that Flasharcades contains slots from popular manufacturers. They are famous for their clear user interface, originality of performance. Slots are presented:

  • Сlassic (Bananas go the Bahamas, Riches of India, Dolphin’s Pearl, Gryphon’s Gold)
  • Thematic (Admiral Nelson, Aqua Land, Aqua World, Fish Hunting, Sea Sirens, etc).
  • With 3D graphics.
  • With progressive jack.

The full list of online casino games can be found on this link. Fisharcades games attract the attention of an entertaining plot, allowing you to experience an extravaganza of feelings. Each player will find something to his liking. Have a nice game!