Video slots and online casinos are a perfect match. In 2019, online casinos are trending more than ever, and their video slot games categories are expanding as each day goes by. Slots, in general, are classics among other gambling games, but due to the updates that online casino software developers provide, they always manage to gain more interest and popularity. In this article, we are going to talk about the video slots evolution, how to choose the best games and which of them provide benefits for online casino entrepreneurs.

Video Slots Explained

video slots

Slot machines first appeared on the gambling scene more than a century ago. Today, we can choose between the classic arcades and video slots, but both work on the same principles. The first video slots machine made its debut in 1975 and since then, as technology developed, these games developed too. What people like about video slots is the variety of games and the game strategy variation available. They quickly made their way to the online casino world. Therefore, business owners present a high interest when it comes to video slots.

A video slot setup is similar to the structure that old games have: a random number generator chooses a number combination that matches a particular symbol sequence. The reels start spinning, and when they finally stop, the player is ready to receive his payout. Nowadays, there is a wide video slots variety, from live to online video slots games. Factors like graphics, sound effects, and bonuses keep the players’ excitement at high stakes. Any entrepreneur that wants to open a business in the online casino industry needs to know what they should look at when choosing the video slots, the online casino software, security, and so on. Partnering up with a professional and working with their solutions is never a bad idea, but every online casino owner should have their research done before. Therefore, we will explain some important aspects of video slots below:

The design

Players notice this video slot feature the first time they start playing a game. Video slots developers are putting a  great emphasis on graphics and animation. State-of-the-art and 3D graphics are more and more popular among video slots, making the characters and symbols come to life whenever the player gets closer to the jackpot.

Sound Effects

They belong to the video slot design area, but they are significant as research shows. High-quality sound effects offer a better gaming experience. The best online casino software providers know this fact so they are using close-to-real-life sound effects and ensure that the players can hear them clear and loud. Because the layout and sound effects are the first features the player sees in a video slot game, they will also be the primary reasons the player will want to come and play again. So, every feature related to the design of video slots is essential to the entrepreneurs as well.


These features are the ones that make the gaming experience rewarding. Certain symbols control the game and offer unique benefits.

The Scatter symbol, no matter its position, always pays out if the players get it on the video slot reels. In most online video slots, scatter symbols unlock bonuses like free spins, bonus rounds or other bonus games. All video slot fanatics love getting this symbol while playing because of the excitement it provides.

Wild symbols are video slots lucky charms as well. They can be used as replacements for other symbols, meaning they increase the winning chances as they help to complete a winning combination. There are many types of video slot wild symbols, and each software provider can choose between them while developing their games. For example, sticky wilds are symbols that will not move in the next spin so they can lead to consecutive payouts. Stacked wilds show up on top of each other. They usually fill a whole reel, so if players get them, they are surely getting closer to the jackpot. Additional existing wilds symbols have expanded, transferring and shifting properties if placed on any reel of the video slot, and they all increase the players’ chances to win the jackpot.


video slots

They are favorite players features. They enhance the winning chances and make the overall experience more fun and enjoyable. Free spins are the most popular video slot bonuses. Usually, this bonus comes after landing three or more scatter symbols. Free spins can change from a software developer to another, but they all do the same thing: they multiply the prize attached to each winning spin.

Multiplier features have the capacity of multiplying a jackpot depending on a specific symbol. They can double up the amount of money or increase the winning stakes by even one hundred percent or more. Some of these bonuses can appear as a part of free spins rounds or bonus games.

Autoplay is another helpful video slot tool. When activated, it allows the player to bet on a  predetermined number of spins automatically. All the player has to do is select the number of spins, how many paylines they want to gamble on, and to establish the betting value. Autoplay mode has a turn on/ turn off option after every win or lose, as the player prefers.

The gamble option is more of a double or nothing card. Most video slots posses this feature, and players like to use it because it creates more suspense and action, and they are closer to win fabulous amounts of money.

Bonus games are a bit like gambling options. These games can be anything from a classic arcade game or a complex multilevel one. Players can pick what they want to win out of a bonus game, and it usually is another bonus. Bonus games are a great video slot feature that players enjoy, but it often lacks graphics quality.


This feature depends on the volatility of the video slot. The volatility can be high or low, and it is the one influencing how much money the player can win and in how much time. In general, video slots with high volatility offer big jackpots but smaller chances to win and it is vice-versa for the low volatility ones. Identifying this feature can be hard at times, especially on an online casino platform, but usually, they state this information on the company’s website. Players can also check the expected payout percentage by using the return percentage data.  People shouldn’t forget that these values, even though accurate, are theoretical so they might as well have fun and leave it all to the gods of faith when playing video slots.

Types of Video Slots

The online casino community got used with a lot of game choices to pick from when it comes to categories, and so on. Video slots are the star of this topic because of their ongoing development and popularity. For example, the loose and tight video slot category refers to the payout rates of these games. They can have high volatility or a low one, and both influence the winning chances and the jackpot. Another category based on the number of paylines they offer. Most video slots have 25 to 50 paylines, meaning a lot of ways to win and a lot of winning strategies as well. Gamblers mainly go with this video slot category because of the diversity and the risk they present.

Lastly, the big sensation of recent years is the progressive jackpot video slots. Progressive jackpots increase over time, depending on how many people play that game. Once someone wins the big prize,  the video slot resets itself. Games falling into this category happen to be the most appreciated because of how big the jackpots are. Players have won over 1 million dollars while playing these video slot games and experts expect even higher stakes once new online casino software updates emerge.

Mobile Video Slots

video slots

More and more online casino software companies produce live casino apps, so mobile video slots are something that people highly anticipated in the past few years. A lot of popular video slots optimized their interfaces for smartphones and tablets. Players responded well to this update because now they can play their favorite video slots from everywhere they want in a much more comfortable way.  Phone supported video slots are available online or for download and we are expecting even more releases and updates in the future.

What to expect in 2019

Video slots upgraded a lot since the beginning of the year, and the industry expects even more changes by the end of 2019.

Players see more sharp graphics, animations and sound effects and in general, more engaging gameplay. In 2019, online casino software providers are hitting the stores with themed video slots that now have the role-play feature included. So far, every live casino platform started to focus more on virtual reality. This is excellent news for the players all around the world because with the introduction of VR; video slots will get ten times more exciting and amusing. Further on, we expect seeing cryptocurrency payment options and blockchain technology features all over the video slots games platforms.

Choosing the best software

As an online casino owner, selecting the best online casino software is crucial for your business. As mentioned before, features like graphics, betting options and variety matter a lot when picking video slot games but the backbone of it all is actually the software. Owners should be careful when choosing the software because out of the many options available, a lot of them turn out to be low budget, low performing, and illegal.

The first thing you want to do when searching for an online casino software is to check if its legal and trusted by other entities. The high-quality online casino software is usually pricey, but with what features it holds, it is a good investment.

Take account of the software adaptability to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets because mobile video slots are the next big thing in the online casino industry.

The second thing any entrepreneur should consider is the security that the software provides. Top online casino software has enforced security that protects the servers from bugs and other malicious viruses. It is vital to ensure your customers that their payment information is private and that they are playing video slots in a safe environment. As an online casino owner, you should take care of these matters first to have a productive business with a growing popularity potential.

Concluding, the best online casino software available is the one that is safe and respects the law regulations. Owners need to make sure that the system is updated and it conforms to the highest standards because players will come back to your platform only if you give the best graphics available, exciting themes and interesting role-plays.  Ensure good security and technical support, and your business will run smoothly.

Benefits for entrepreneurs

video slots

Video slots present a lot of potentials from a business point of view.  The games’ popularity is gradually increasing, and as the 2019 trends show, the video slot market will boom again soon. As an online casino owner,  having a wide variety of video slots is going to increase your client database. Video slots are very easy to play, and they follow simple rules. Besides, players start with small bets in hopes of winning the grand jackpot, and this aspect pushes them to play multiple rounds. Topping with the video slots amazing graphics and beautiful animations and the variety of bonuses, you’ve got yourself the recipe for success.

Another owner’s benefit is the variability of the games present. Most online casino software offers customizable services, meaning owners have access to the video slots control panel and other information. Managers can control the game variability to make it more accessible and to attract more customers, and at the same time, these control features offer an in-depth perspective of the business. It is essential for any entrepreneur to know which of the games are earning more money, which are problematic and need updating and how are the players feeling while playing on their platform. By seizing the opportunities video slots offer, every feature is a benefit for online casino owners.


In conclusion, the best video slots for online casino owners are the ones powered by entrusted software providers. All entrepreneurs want high-quality products that provide a fast business expansion in a positive and safe environment. Video Slots present so many features that attract the players. State-of-the-art graphics, real-life sound effects, and impressive storylines are features every player wants to see throughout their gaming experience. Asides, providing video slots diversity, meaning a wide variety of video slot games, ways to play, different bonuses, multiple payment options, and mobile support are extremely important details for any online casino business, that should never miss from the “menu.”

Also, every owner needs to protect its customers. Server security is an essential deal in the online casino industry because everything game-related happens online, meaning the gameplay, payment, winning prizes, and so on. Therefore, ensuring your clients that the online casino platform you manage is licensed, legal, and protected from fraudsters is a step you must take if you are aiming for success.

Follow the video slots market and keep up with the trends and updates available. People are always excited about new things, especially when it comes to technology, so new video slots developments like virtual reality or cryptocurrency are significant excitement factors. By keeping up with the trends, you will know when to update the online casino software and update your gameplan overall. Being as present as possible in the gaming world as a business owner saves a lot of time and gains a lot of money and customers.

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