Diamond Monkey
playing this amazing game

Since Diamond Monkey was released, it has been developed more over the years. Offering the combination of the classic and legendary, this extraordinary combo makes playing casual and lite. Diamond Monkey provides to have a barrel of fun, while players are winning for its own sake at the same time.
Nowadays there are many legendary real money casino games around the online casino scene. High-end developers give weight to sub-genre in recent years. They prefer players to welter in the characters and related stories instead of offering fun.

Diamond Monkey offers a mix of classic and contemporary gaming experience at the same time
There are a lot of players who love online slots games that come with detailed UI design and other superior top features. But many people would rather play fun and easy-to-games that they do not need to excogitate. So, because of this reason, Diamond Monkey get credit from so many players as it inclines to mix both of these approaches. With competent graphics, a generally twittery theme, and fun, Diamond Monkey has won the heart of the players that is for sure.

From diamonds to gold coins
Diamond Monkey is named after the Indian monkey god, Hanuman. This slot machine give players a fair crack of the whip to obtain good-sized jackpots. Golden chests, multiple colors of gemstones, roaming elephants and royal palaces belong to Indian culture. Royal Palace is considered as the highest paying symbol. The key jackpot is to grab the diamond. Combination of 5, 4, 3 symbols gives players access to a treasure of 1000, 300 and 60 coins in turn.

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