Online gambling has become more popular in today’s era of high technology. People are tending to create an account and enjoy their games while sitting at home instead of going to the casino. There are several online casinos that are offering many interesting and adventures fish games for their customers and one of those online casinos is Fish Arcades. This post aims to expand your knowledge about fish games that Fish Arcades online casino offers.

Fish Games that are offered by Fish Arcades Games

The Blue Dolphin

We can start from one of the most entertaining fish slot game that is available in Fish Arcades-Blue Dolphin. The Blue Dolphin is a very amusing fish game that immediately catches your attention after checking it. As can be seen from the game name, the main character is the blue color dolphin. Various interesting features that this game has made it enjoyable for players. After beginning the game you will see images of oceans and some of the cartoon animals on the backside of the page. 5 different columns refer for various images and in order to win a large number of points you need to form a line which includes The Blue Dolphin.


The system is very simple; like in every slot game you need to create a straight line of Dolphins and you will get more points for that. While playing Blue dolphin realistic sound effects and graphics will make you feel the vibe and enjoy the gameplay, your eyes will not be tired because of wonderful design that The Blue Dolphin fish game has prepared for you. Open the game, click to bet, choose a column alongside with the line, then let the fun begin. The Blue Dolphin is one of those online casino slot games that you will not regret after playing.


Dolphin Pearl  

The Blue Dolphin is not the only Dolphin game that Fish Arcades is offering. Another entertaining fish game that you can find in Fish Arcades online casino is Dolphins Pearl. Deep inside the ocean, you will enjoy playing a slot game that makes you feel the energy and enjoy every ounce of it. The Dolphin Pearl has creative graphic design, which helps you to concentrate on gameplay and explore as you are getting big wins. After getting started you will experience aquatic life under the blue seas though graphics and images that appear on background that is simply the visual advantage of the game.

As well as unique gameplay and graphics the Dolphins Pearl offers you great prizes, extra bonuses and unlimited golden coins that are staying for grab. As we all know, in casinos your aim is to get jackpot and win the huge prize so in order to do that in this game you need to get straight Dolphin pearl icons in lines. The gameplay of The Dolphins Pearl is simple. There are 5 columns and 3 horizontal lines in which object images are appearing.

On the right and left corners you can see the round tackers and in below your bet number can be seen as well. You can get alphabetic symbols like A, K, Q, J, numbers like 9, 10 as well as sea creatures such as fishes, crabs and of course dolphins in lines. Just like any Fish Arcades fish game the Dolphin Pearl is a very exciting game that every online casino slot game lover should give a try.


Fish Hunting


As well as slot games Fisharcades is also offering you hunting games that are very adventures for fish game lovers. One of those super fun games is the Fish Hunting game. The context in this game is very simple and entertaining. A player is becoming a fish hunter in gameplay and begins his/her hunting experience. Game graphics in Fish Hunting Game is captivating, you are swimming, catching fishes, getting points while exploring incredible aquatic atmosphere. The game offers you several tools that by using those tools you can catch and hunt fishes. In order to upgrade your levels, you need to use those weapons and hunt efficiently.

Gameplay is simple; however, you need to practice in order to get perfect results because catching ocean creatures is not that easy thing to do. Accuracy is the key to success in Fish hunter game, so you need to choose your target smartly and use weapons accurately, so you will catch fishes and become a very skilled fish hunter. After explaining gameplay we can go through the basics of this amazing game. On the screen below left side, you can see the points that you acquired through hunting fishes. On the left upper side of the screen, there are icons like shop and mission which are guiding you about the next missions and available fishes in the shop.


In the middle part of the screen, you can see three tools that can be used while hunting such as Bombs, Cheese, and Electro Shocker. Those items are separately working for different aims. For instance, by using the cheese you can make a fish to approach your margin and hunt it, etc. On the right upper side of the screen, you level can be seen and on the right lower part of the screen, the player can see his/her energy level in order to determine whether to get energy or not.

And main weapon gun is right by your side in the middle of the screen which also shows the number of bullets that you have. If you have spare time and want to play an addictive game about hunting, Fish Hunter Game is one of the best choices available for you, just click and become a skilled fish hunter.


Jewels of the Sea

Another fun game that has been offered by Fish Arcades is Jewels of the Sea. For online casino slot game lovers, this game can be a better choice because of the fact that in jewels Of the Sea chances of winning is higher in this game. Amazing ocean theme that captures your eye right away after logging in makes it even harder for a player not to get addicted to this wonderful fish game. The main character in this game is a mermaid and there are also letters like A, J, Q, free spin coupons that players should make a line of. There is one 5 slot row on the middle, two 4 slot on both sides of 5 slot row, and two 3 slot rows on each side of 4-row columns. If you calculate, those rows mean that in more than 700 different ways you can win this game and prices.

casino-fish-gamesLike most of the games that are offered by Fish Arcades, Jewels of the Sea is a sea-themed game that shows you wonderful under the life of oceans and its unique atmosphere. Strong graphics and relaxing sound effects catch your attention immediately and make you focus on the game. Make your bet, deposit and start playing this amazing fish game if you want to have fun while also getting bonuses, free spins and most importantly high chances of winning money.

At the end…

In this post, only four of the catchy fish games featured, however, if you got interested you can check the website of Fish Arcades and explore other online casino games in order to fulfill your spare time with unforgettable memories.

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