Gryphon’s Gold Deluxe
playing this amazing game

There is a slot machine which wins about 9,000,000 credits. Gryphon’s Gold Deluxe has five reels, ten paylines, and magical fantasy. The theme of this game based on the legendary gryphon creature of mythology. This Novomatic slot machine boasts some easy, but rewarding bonus games with wild wins.

The Gryphon legend
Gryphon is a legendary creature which has the head, paws, and wings of an eagle and the rest body of a lion, and as such, it was a natural attribute of divine power. It has shown up in the mythological canons of many ancient cultures; from Ancient Greece to Persia and Ancient Egypt.

Classic design
If you have quite an information about Novomatic slot games, you will understand that there is much work undone to the end of video games. And that is demonstrated in Gryphons Gold Deluxe with its somewhat old fashion and visual appearance. No matter what is the outlook of this slot machine game, nothing can change the fact that this game has 9,000,000 credit jackpot potential. Most probably the main reason for this success is because there are only ten paylines in the five reels. So wins will not come your way with every spin. However, when the signs are on the paylines from left to the right, you can wait for some excellent line bet multiplier awards. Game players can pick to play with just one single payline or all 10, or any number between 1 and 10. Meantime, the wagering options can range from 4 credits to 1,000x credits.

game screenshots