Lost games are one of the most played casino games nowadays. It does not depend on whether the casino is land-based or online; gambling lovers enjoy to play slot machines. However, most of them do not understand how to play and win a slot game? Because of widely spread assumption about slot machines most the players think that these games are simple to play, they have a high chance of winning, and they do need any strategy for winning. Therefore, despite the vast number of players, only a few people manage winning while playing these games. It leads to some questions about how to win slot game, how to play them, and what kind of strategy they need for prizes. There exist some tips that you can benefit while playing a slot machine and increase the chance of winning.

Note that luck plays a vital role in winning slot games, but you still should have the necessary knowledge about how slot machines work. Therefore, let’s look at some basic idea behind the slot machine. The slot machine works based on the random number. Whenever it starts to play computer program picks a number randomly for the first reel, then for the second reel, and the third reel. Then the return of the machine depends on the probability of listing the winning combinations. The order of the spins do not impact the result, and each turn has the same likelihood for winning as the previous one.

There are rumors around about manipulating the slot machine winning a tremendous amount of money from the game. It sounds exciting and entertaining, but it is not that easy for because of the problems it brings, especially the legal ones. For doing that players need to have in-depth technical knowledge. Instead of manipulating the machine, you can follow several other steps to increase your chances of winning. The article will introduce some of them that will help you to win most of your games.

TIP #1: Slot games with higher denomination offer higher payback

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Slot machines with dollar ensure a higher payback percentage than quarter slots. It also pays more than penny games and even more than nickel slots. However, it does not indicate that you should go for the dollar slots. It also contains several risks in it. Initially, before deciding what slot games to play, you need to understand what you expect from the competition and determine your entertainment value. Consider that while playing dollar slots, you bet more money. Therefore, you increase the probability of losing more money than usual. For example, if you bet 3 dollars for a dollar slot that ensures 95 percent payback, you lose more money when you bet 40 cents for a game that guarantees 86 percent payback.

TIP #2: While playing progressive slot you need to pay enough to be eligible for the jackpot

Some percentage of the bet goes to the jackpot for the progressive slots. While playing three-reel progressive jackpot, you usually have a single progressive jackpot, and for gaining eligibility, you should pay as needed. On the other hand, on the three-dollar slot machine games, you cannot get the progressive if you pay only one or two dollars. On the other hand, video slots offer multi-tiered jackpot options. Here typical progressive jackpot is four-tier with different levels including bronze, silver, platinum, gold, major, minor, mini, grand, and other similar ones. If you are playing video slot, it means you are eligible for the jackpots regardless of your bet amount.

On other games, you need to have an additional bet for being available for the prize. The pots are a crucial part of the progressives because if you are not eligible for them, then you will get less money from the game than you can get from others. If you want to play a progressive, then consider paying enough for being eligible for the jackpot if you do not want to pay more than you can switch the game and start another one.  

TIP #3: While choosing slot game try to focus on what you expect from it

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What is your main aim for playing the game? Do you want to play a game that offers you maximum jackpot opportunities? Or do you want to get many but small prizes? Before anything you need to decide on what kind of award you are expecting from the game. Generally, game developers consider all types of user choices while designing the game. However, there exist some specific winning guidelines you can benefit.

Three-reel slots put more importance to the jackpot, but there is a low chance for hit and a high chance for the losing game. You can win a lot while playing these games but at the same time there is a high risk that you can lose.  On the other in video slots, you get your award by picking and clicking the gift box. It could also be alien creatures, restaurant dishes, or other game icons. Games that distribute prizes by clicking and selecting offer small but frequent prizes. Video slots offer free spins as the award for the player, and they are in between pick games and three-reel games. With free spins, you cannot make any additional bet, but you can win prizes up to the highest jackpot. But note that it is also possible that you may not win anything on the free spin.

TIP #4: Always consider your budget while playing and learn to quit the game if your budget hit a limit


Sometimes you may lose lots of games consecutively, and the only action you can take is to quit the game and stop playing. If you love to play the online slots games, then you need to consider that this game works like that. Sometimes you win a lot of money, and sometimes you lose. But there is an essential point that you should keep in mind. You should not bet any amount of money that you cannot afford to lose. Make sure that you play a slot game which is suitable for your bankroll. For example, you cannot play a dollar slot game on a land-based or online casino with $200. If you want to try, you will probably lose the $100. Then you will have two choices: you can stop to play or start playing penny slots with the rest of your money.

There is another approach to the slot machines, which consists of betting almost all your money once. It is one of the oldest strategies, according to the players. It is also one of the effective ones. According to this strategy, you bet the highest amount of money you can and play it only once. If you win you win, if you cannot win, then you will not spend several hours to play on the same machine betting small amounts of money several times. This strategy sounds easy for most of the players, but at the same time, it requires a little bit of luck.

Slot machines do not permit users to bet several amounts of money for one game like Roulette.  But slot machine odds for every spin is unchanging.

TIP 5: Start with small bets to win big prizes later

Another proven strategy is to bet a small amount of money initially and bet bigger one when you have a chance for winning. In reality, slot games work based on luck, and you have an equal chance of winning at the beginning of the game as at the end of the game. Even betting a small amount of money could lead to losing some winnings. Several years a lot of players have tested the impact of bet on the winnings. Some believe that is directly related to the victories, yet others believe that it could lead to loss of winning. Chuck Flick, who is an experienced slot player, tested the strategy for several years. He started to bet small amounts of money and then increased the bet.

Generally, in five-trial game, a player usually wins one session out of five ones. He also added that it is the case even if he does not start with less betting.

TIP 6: Standard Deviation

The strategy works based on the mathematical equation and requires some mathematical background from the players. It calculates the probability of winning at an exact slot machine. This methodology involves money, time, energy, concentration from the player. However, in the end, it ensures winning. The following steps explain how to apply standard deviation strategy to increase the chance of winning:

The first step is about finding the same paying machine. It means if you pay 20 coins for slot games, then you will get two medals in return, or if you spend 40 coins, you will receive four medals in the end. The next step is about finding the number spin times between regular winning during the played games. The steps here are simple: you count the number of spins between your victory. You count the number of turns until you win and then start to score again until you win again.

If you manage to count the number of spins each time between your ten winnings. Then you can extract the average number of spins between your winnings. It will help you to conclude some statistical data from your plays. As a last step sign up for one of the trusted games and try the strategy to see if it works in your case.

Some experts add to this strategy and claim that for increasing the winnings, it is always recommended to play on slot machines at the end of the row. According to them, these machines are visible to the passer-by, and casino owners want to demonstrate that at their devices, users win a lot. It would help them to increase the number of customers.

TIP 7: start with slot machines that offer stick payout

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Some games offer a fixed payout, yet others have a progressive jackpot. In progressive jackpots, you increase the prize every time you play the game. Therefore, if you want to earn more jackpot, you need to play more. Players usually choose progressive jackpot due to its vast amount of payout. However, you need to know a critical point while playing progressive jackpot. In most of the online casinos link pots together. A lot of people play the same slot game at the same time, which means to decrease your chances of winning. Unfortunately, the case is not only about the jackpot. It also applies to the small winnings. Therefore, we suggest you stick to the games with standard return and play less on progressive jackpots.

If you want to play progressive jackpot, you can play for the smallest prizes. If the pot is minimal, it increases the probability of winning. On the other hand, if the jackpot is massive, it will affect negatively to the odds of winning and let you lose in a short-term. The main reason here is that huge jackpots require several hours to play, which decrease your chance. Additionally, games with huge jackpots usually have smaller odd for you to win. Therefore, in the short-term, it is better to play games with lower prizes.

TIP 8: Scout machines that pay big payouts

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Players usually divide machines into two categories, including hot and cold devices. According to some of the players, if the device has a large payout, it is a machine, and he tries to play only on these machines. Another group of players call these kinds of first group machines as duds and prefer to play on cold devices. Some players do not represent the game until it gets cold. But in reality, slot machines do not work like that. Slot machines have predefined payout percentage that returns for hundreds of games, and the payout percentage does not change. They do not offer payout because they get cold or hot. Machines’ hot or cold state cannot define how it is going to return money for your game. Therefore, please keep this in mind while you are choosing the slot games.  

Also, some players search for near misses while playing a slot game. It means they look for games with jackpot symbol on the screen. It could help you to choose the game but know that it will not help you to indicate what will you get from the competition. Near misses are not a reliable indication of the game outcome. It means the result of the game is hugely dependent on the system of the slot machine. A creator could not add any indication, but the device may lead you to better outcomes.

The Don’t Tip for Slot Games

We only talked about what you should do for increasing your profit from the slot games so far. But there are other important factors we need to look. Games on the land-based casinos are more vulnerable to the scams more than slots on online casinos. Therefore, users should pay special attention to these cases while playing both online and land-based slots. Also, note that laws are strict about licensed casinos, and any scam action could lead to prison terms. Therefore the next two tips are about some examples of actionable strategies for winning the slot machine.

TIP 9: Using String to deceive the slot machine

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In the past, some players were attaching a string to the coin while playing the three-reel games with coin slots. Later they drop a coin into the slot machine, wait until they get the credit for playing, pull the coin back out from the slot machine. The methodology helped a lot of players to play the game without any charge, and some of them even earn the awards. But as we have mentioned, it is against the laws and casino workers has caught one woman in Nevada. It was because of the color of the coin: workers have noticed the glow from a distance. Therefore, through the years, manufacturers have developed more advanced slot machines to decrease the scam case to the minimum level.  

TIP 10: Fake coins

Another problem for casino owners during recent years was fake coins. Some players even used the metal rounded piece to deceive the slot machine and gain credit for slot game. The main problem was that the device was accepting that non-coin piece of metal as long as it has the same shape with the coin. But later coin recognition software helped casino owners to ensure that their slot machines could determine the fake coins.

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