If you ever looked for popular casino games, you probably searched for online slot games. These are some of the most famous gambling games available online. People like to play them because they follow easy rules and hold impressive jackpots. Also, there’s a massive variety of online slot games available. You can pick according to bonuses, winnings, or background themes. It is all up to the player and to do so; you can find relevant information online. However, this process gets confusing at time. As most people know, the online gambling industry is one of the biggest industries in the world.

Therefore, there are plenty of online casinos and plenty of sweepstakes slots. That’s why we came up with this article. We are going to list the most popular online slot games. Also, we will provide information about their advantages and disadvantages so that you can pick a game quickly. Needless to say, the best games out there come from the best online casino websites and online casino providers.

Slot games insights

Before listing the best online slot games available, we need to explain some sweepstakes features. Without these settings, online slot games could not work or give out enormous prizes. Most people know that the online gambling industry keeps up with technology updates. This statement means that everything that stands behind slots games is computerized. Of course, original slot machines had their own mechanics activated by some discs. Nowadays, the sweepstakes software does the same thing. Every player needs to know about the random number generator. This feature sits at the core of online slot games and sweepstakes in general. Because of the RNG, all online slots games give out equal winning chances. No one can know the lucky numbers before, even though we know some scammers tried. Following, we will talk about the RNG and other useful online slot games information.


online slot games

The random number generator uses a sophisticated mathematic algorithm. Explained, it divides a certain amount of numbers by 32 multiples. Think of the generator as a spinning wheel. It has multiple stops, and as many stops, you get as many winning chances there are. In theory, you can find out the next number sequence, but practically there’s no such thing. Also, random number generators run under legal licenses. Therefore, there is no doubt if you won the jackpot fair or not. 


Every player plays online slot games because of the rewards. Nowadays, there are all kinds of sites that make up bonus lists. By using those links, it will be easier for you to pick a slot game. Bonuses come in all kinds of forms; free spins, bonus rounds or games. These rewards can multiply your winnings or take you closer to the jackpot. The best online slots games out there have the best bonuses. If the game comes from a reliable online casino software developer, then you will get a lot of bonuses while playing. Most companies add their own unique rewards for their loyal players or to stand out more. Search for these bonuses and make the most out of them.


Another essential online slot games tool is the return to player percentage. This percentage belongs to one game only. However, it does not belong to only one player. The RTP gathers data from a specific game in a certain timeframe. This feature returns a part of the bet back to the player. For example, you play a popular online slots game with an RTP of 94% percent. So, out of your 100$ dollars bet, you can get 94$ dollars back over some time. The rest 6% percent goes to the online casino taking the form of the House Edge. Of course, this is not a mandatory rule. You can win the jackpot from the first two attempts. However, most gamblers spend a lot of time in front of the same online slot game in hopes they would win.

There’s something good coming out of this, though; you can guess a game’s pattern. Most online slot games have an RTP of around 95-96% percent. Online casinos state this value because it makes the slots more attractive. However, not all online slots games mention the RTP. So, you can play the same game a few times and see if it has high or low volatility.

Admiral Nelson

Admiral Nelson comes from FishArcades Games. The game takes its elements from one of the most popular Brittish heroes, Horatio Nelson. Sit back and prepare to fight for the king on the HMS Victory. This is one of the most volatile online slots game out there. It is suited for all kinds of players, rookies, high rollers, or gamblers with big budgets. You can choose from a variety of paylines and reels, and you can bet on certain lines as well. The key features of this online slots game are the graphics and the bonuses. The software developer used state-of-the-art 3D graphics and also a lot of details.

The game respects the theme; therefore, you will find a lot of secondary characters and hidden symbols along the way. For example, each time you win, you will hear ringing sounds from the ship’s bell. Every design aspect is very high-quality, and it holds more than meets the eye.

Bonuses are probably the best feature of this game. You get all three types of gifts throughout the game and many more extras. For example, there are some special characters, and if you locate them, you get up to 3,000 coins. If you secure the ship’s staff, you get a 10,000 coins reward. Also, if you find Frances, the Admiral’s wife, you get 20,000 coins, this being the biggest built-in bonus.  The Wild and Scatter bonuses make appearances in this online slots game as well. The Scatters bring up to 20,000 coins and ten free spins while the Wilds can replace every other symbol. Other games give out up to 1,000 coins, so this game keeps on giving. FishArcades Games did a great job with this online slot game! 

Beetle Mania Deluxe

Beetle Mania Deluxe is a five wheel and ten paylines slot game. This game requires only two symbols for winning combos. It is full of bonuses, and plainly, the graphics will put you in a good mood. Snails, Butterfly, Beetles, and Caterpillars they all play blues and jazz and cheer for you from the sidelines. This game has outstanding graphics and combined with the sound effects, and it provides a great gaming experience. The Wild symbol comes in the form of a bee and replaces every other symbol.

If you are in it to win it, remember that you need three cards with the same logo to win. If you need more chances, look out for the Scatter symbol. It comes as musical notes and gives out ten bonus games. Each of these games holds other bonuses and rewards that can help you. You can bet per line on Beetle Mania Deluxe, with bets starting at 0,04. The highest optimal chance is 100$ dollars. Therefore, this game has enough features to ensure a fun experience but also substantial winnings.

The Gold Lab

The Gold Lab is an online slots game powered by FishArcades Games. You take the role of a scientist in search of the golden formula. If you find it, everything turns into gold. This game has impressive high-quality graphics and animations. The sound effects and the other audio features don’t let down either, being very HD and original. The Gold Lab has five reels, three rows, and 25 paylines, all full of prizes. This game is famous for the tons of bonuses it holds. Like any other game, it has Wild and Scatters symbols, ready to multiply your bet. It is easy to play this game, and you can navigate without any issues. Even though it doesn’t have many surprises, it can still create suspense. Give it a try, and you will inevitably found out that it is hard to stop playing.

Bells on Fire

Bells on Fire comes from Vegas-x, another famous software developer. This game takes us back to land-based slot machines and their fruit symbols. However, the online slots game has improved features. Settings like page design, graphics, characters, and sound effects are all updated and restructured. Bells on Fire has five reels and forty paylines, and you can bet up to 80,000 coins per spin. As we already got used, this game has a lot of bonuses as well.

You will get a lot of free spin bonuses throughout the game so make sure you multiply your bet. The players get only Scatter symbols, but many other symbols give out rewards. Extra prizes go from bonus rounds up to 1,000 coins. There’s also a Gamble Feature that doubles up your winnings. Therefore, you can quickly get rich by playing this game.  The graphics are outstanding, and the bonuses keep pouring so enjoy the ride!

Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon is an online slots game with five reels and four rows. You can bet on any of the 40 paylines available on the screen. Wolf Moon is about a white wolf that lost its pack. Help it return to his family by betting and winning the game. This online slot game a 96.79% percent RTP, so the Gods of luck are with you. You can bet as much as 100$ dollars, but for lower budgets, the bets start at 0.04$ dollars. The game has twelve symbols, including the Wild and the Scatter. Players got used with the Wild symbol and its replacing functions.

However, in Wolf Moon, the Wild can’t replace the Bonus Symbol. This particular element rewards players with free spins and significant amounts of cash. This online slots game has a gamble feature as well, that doubles your winnings or takes it all away. Besides, this sweepstakes slot game has excellent graphics and sound effects. Get ready to risk it all with Wolf Moon.

Lobster Party

Riversweeps Platinium developed this game for all fishing enthusiasts. The lobster is the main character, but you can also find other sea creatures and boats. The graphics of this game are excellent, and the sound effects are adjustable. This online slot game is also mobile-device friendly so you can play it from anywhere at any time. Lobster Party has five reels and twenty paylines, and you can bet on any one of them. The game is full of bonuses and extra games so you can end up multiplying your bet by 250,000 times. Enjoy the massive pots and have fun with Lobster Party!

Buffalo Thunder

This game is one of the best online slots games offered by Riversweeps Platinium. Like in the game’s title, buffalos represent the theme of this game. The background storyline takes you to Arizona’s desert. A place filled with mighty vultures and skinny lizards. You get state-of-the-art 3D graphics and HD sound effects for a great gaming experience. Buffalo Thunder has tons of great bonuses and rewards, disguised as buffalos.

 While playing this game, search for the black and white buffalos because they give out substantial rewards. If you are looking for even more prizes, check the bonus games built in the game. Fun and exciting games like Wild Thundering Buffalo or Totem Buffalo can multiply your game even by 250 times. Also, you can decide how much you bet because there is no max bet feature. This game is a good pick for any kind of gamblers, high rollers or budget-oriented. You get a lot of cool features, and more importantly, an outstanding gaming experience.


In conclusion, the best online slot games available come up with bountiful rewards. These sweepstakes games have impressive graphics and designs. All of the listed games have state-of-the-art 3D graphics and animations. All games have a background theme, inspired by mythology, fairy tales, or movies. Characters and symbols relate to them, and so do sound effects. Audio features are very important and most famous online slot games have excellent sound effects.

On the other hand, the game features need to be interesting. We are talking about special symbols like the Wild or the Scatter, but also about bonuses. Online slot games attract players because of these bonuses and what they lead to. They can come as free spins, free rounds or bonus games, built in the slots. No matter what you get, you can make use of it. Most rewards multiply your bet or even the payout, so play smart once you get them on the screen.

Also though sweepstakes slots go by the name of games of chance, there’s still some math to them. We are talking about the RTP AND RNG, two useful tools. These online slot game settings rely on complex algorithms. However, they decide how much you will win, how fast and with what numbers. Most online casinos state this kind of information on their websites when it comes to the RTP. Use this data to discover which online slot games suit you better or which pays out the most money.

Last but not least, all listed slot games are very safe. Virus wise, or payment wise, you should never worry about security issues. Enjoy your gaming experience and win big!

FishArcades Games

FishArcades Games provides online slot games and software. We always put our clients first, and excellent customer services represent our company. FishAracdes Games always updates its products and features, which makes us unique on the market. We offer a stable online platform, and we ensure good navigation. Our company uses edge-cutting technology for everything it provides and manufactures. Needless to say, all products have licenses and went under expert testing. If any problems occur, our clients can contact us 24/7 through our technical support line. Even so, time shouldn’t be an issue. Our software takes only 20 minutes to set-up.

However, we offer a full control administrator panel for our partners. There they can see essential business data, take out reports, or make different adjustments. Besides, we come up with marketing and business solutions for any investor in need. We know how harsh the online slot games industry can be. Therefore, we gathered professionals under the FishArcades Games to help your venture prosper. Team up with us and get ready to win! 

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