Since the creation of online gaming, companies have launched hundreds of casino games. Some of them were successful, and players enjoyed while playing, yet others could not pass the test of time. Hundreds of online casinos appear within a short period. It is easier for players to sign up and play the games online rather than traveling thousands of miles to play land-based casino games. Within a minute player can sign up and choose set among hundreds of options. Online gambling players enjoy playing casino games for several reasons. First of all, it is comfortable for them to reach games with one click and play them at their cozy home. Some real money online casino games allow users to play for real money.

But for players choosing the best real money, online casino games seem difficult as there are thousands of options on the internet. Therefore, the article will introduce the best real money casino games and help you to choose which game to play.

Online gambling is enjoyable for gambling lovers. But the more exciting thing is to win some real cash while playing. Therefore, we provided some of the top real money online casino games for real money. You can check and play them and us sure that you will enjoy a lot while playing.



The first online casino game we want to introduce is Jumanji. The game is one of the best products for real money online casino games from a famous company called NetEnt. With its revolutionary games, the company has gained a lot of reputation recently. Jumani is one of their masterpieces that you will love while playing. The NetEnt company developed Jumanji game with the collaboration of Sony Pictures Entertainment. The game is about Jumanji movie and is one of the most exciting games you can play for real money.

Additionally, Jumanji has a unique board game feature and first game which combined free spin function with the board games. It provides five reels and four unique features for players. And board games offers four different free spins, coins wins, and extra dice rolls.  It has 96 percent for RTP, and it shows that you can enjoy the exciting game and also earn some money.

Witchcraft Academy

As can be seen from its name, Witchcraft Academy is one of the best options for gambling lovers to play for real money. The game is another masterpiece of Netent company for real money online casino games. Company has launched Witchcraft Academy in 2018, and since then the game has gained a considerable amount of players. In the match, Efora is the Witch, and Earthan is the Wizard. While playing the game, you will help these two main characters in the game and try to find the hidden treasures.

Additionally, the game offers five reels and 3-row slot. It also has free spins and online casino bonuses. The game will take you to the mysterious environment full of magic and secrets. The game has 96.38 RTP score, and we do not doubt that you will enjoy a lot while playing and earning money.

Fiesta De La Memoria

Real Money Online Casino games

Another game we want to introduce for real money online casino games is Fiesta De La Memoria. It is an exciting, colorful, and fun game by Playtech and dedicated to Mexico’s Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) celebrations. The game has five reels and 20 payline slot and unique Mariachi feature where you spin the wheel and can earn up to 250 times your stake. According to the Altar online casino bonus feature in the game, you will pick altars to get more cash prizes in the end. When first skull image appears on the reel, you will get 12 free spins and cash prizes up to five times of your stake. The game has 91.9 RTP score and is one of the demanded games among real money online casino games.

Epic Ape

If you are not satisfied with the 3125 ways to win the slots, then Epic Ace offers you 4096 ways to win the slot. Epic Ace is also a product of Playtech company and offers real cash prizes for its players. The game has 6×4 reel, and you can play the games from all devices. Each reel has symbols which include regular card symbols (A, K, Q, J, 9, 10) and additionally jaguar, panthers, frogs, and chameleons. Of course, the most rewarding symbol here is the ape symbol.

While playing, you aim to find a monkey symbol that stacked on each reel. The game also offers Free Game feature where you start with free ten spins, as most of the slot games Epic Ape also has autoplay mode and turbo mode. Even if you want more free spins, you can get five more free spins with just two scatter. Generally, the number of free spins depending on the combination of them you understand. Usually three scatters give you eight free spins, 4 scatters 15 free spins, 5 scatters 25 turns, and finally, 6 scatters you 100 free spins. Epic ape is a simple game and easy to play for most of the players, but it is also quite a volatile one. Overall this game by Playtech is so exciting, easy, and similar among games that for real money online casino games.  

Pharaoh’s Treasure Deluxe

Real Money Online Casino games

The next game for real money online casino called Pharaoh’s Treasure Deluxe is from Ash Gaming company. It has five reels and 20 payline with jackpot slot. You can play the game from your tablet, smartphone, and desktop. To get the cash prize, you need to get to infiltrate to Tutankhamun’s tomb. It is also easy to earn free spins with disappearing symbols and switch to the Hi-Roller mode where more prizes are possible. There is no massive difference between the new version of the game. It is almost the same as the previous one, but it has better graphics and sound effects. Symbols on the reels include standard car symbols (Q, J, A, K, 9, 10), the cat god, pyramid Sphinx, and Cleopatra. Note that Cleopatra is the most rewarding symbol in the game because it gives you 25 times of your stake.

The scatter in the game is the pharaoh online casino bonus symbol. If it happens on the 1,3, or 5 reels then you will choose from Tomb of Tutankhamun’s Bonus or Cure of Ancients Free Games feature, in the Tomb of Tutankhamun’s Bonus Feature you will make picks. While you are making picks, they will give you both cash prize and keys. The keys here will help you do dive more into the game and earn more cash prizes. There is another feature which is Ancients Free Games. Based on this feature, you will receive free 15 spins, and because of these spins, you will delete one or more elements from the reel.

Free spins

After two free spins, you will be able to remove on the symbol. This feature is an essential part of the game because it helps you to increase the chance of winning by deleting symbols from the reels.

While playing the games look after for Jackpot key scatter which appears in 3,4 or 5 reels. It will lead to the Sarcophagus Chamber that rewards you with the jackpot. There also Hi-Roller Spins mode in the game. You can enter this mode by clicking the Hi-Roller button under the reels. Here you will have two options for you, and each gives you five free spins with added scatter symbols. They can transfer into multiplayer, cash prizes, or online casino bonus scatter.

Elephant King

Real Money Online Casino games

Elephant King is a popular slot game provided by IGT company. The company is one of the reputable companies in the online gambling industry. While playing the game, you feel yourself in the African Savannah thanks to the sound effects and excellent graphics of the game. The game offers five reels and 40 fixed paylines. All animal from Savannah are the symbols of the game including elephant, zebras, gazelles, while spades, and card symbols such as hearts, clubs, and diamonds. Two symbols will increase your chance of winning. First one is the wild symbol, which is a substitute symbol and replaces all your tokens. By doing this, the wild symbol complete your winning combos.

It only shows up on the three middle reels. The elephant symbol acts as a scatter during the game and shows up only on 1,3, or 5 reels. When elephant scatters shows up, it enables another feature called Prize Disk.

After elephant scatters hits the reel, it enables the Prize Disk feature, and each symbol here brings the prize or enables the Free Spins Bonus feature. This feature awards you with ten free spins for each opened symbol.  There is another symbol that can show up on the reels. This symbol is Extra Spins, and when you end up getting this symbol, you will gain an additional two free games. You can even get more special prizes and free games when Elephant Scatter hits all the reels.

Benefits of Prize Disk feature

The essential symbol in the game is Elephant Scatter, which costs 500 coins, and you can win 1000 medals when elephant scatter shows up five times. During the whole game, you can gain maximum 2000 coins prize, yet during free games, you can even get 40.000 coins with only one spin. Within Prize Disk feature you do not need to trigger the free spin, you can get 10.000 coins once you are in the Prize Disk feature. In the end, when you have at least 10.000 coins, you will end up getting a cash prize.

Tetris Super Jackpot


As can be seen from the name of the game, it refers to the popular block-dropping game called Tetris. Because of the popularity of Tetris, the slot version of it is famous as well. Most of us know the game Tetris, which was very well-known before the existence of smartphones and tablets. Nowadays, the slot of the game for real money online casino games is very demanded among online game players. Also, note that you do not need to download the game for playing.

You can play this game whenever you want by just one click. It has several versions for players. One of the releases is Old-school Tetris. This game is so simple and easy to play but challenging to win. Tetris slot games are the product of Bally Technologies and offer five reels with 243 ways for winning. In the old Tetris game, there were two colors, which were black and white. But in the modern Tetris, you will see different colors for blocks and more visual three-dimensional background interface. In the game, each symbol represents one Tetris figure, and each has a different color. Different symbols give different points, and the highest reward comes from straight Tetris block. Note that in this game, there is no Wild symbol. 10, J, Q, and K represent lower coins, and Tetris Jackpot logo represents the online casino bonus symbol.

Important two features

Tetris game offers two features for its players. First one is a Tetromino random feature, and the other one is Free Spin rounds. In the game, players win best prizes usually in Free Spins round. You can enable Free Spins round in two ways. The first way is to have online casino bonus symbols in three reels at the same time. Reels should be middle reels, more specifically, reel 2, 3, and 4. If you have bonus symbols in these reels, you will be able to start a free round on a different grid.

There is also Tetris Super Jackpots called Bally release. The game has three Jackpots which includes the Mini, the Minor, and the Major jackpots. You can earn one of these Jackpots only if you win the Golden Watermark.

Tetris slot is exciting to play for most of the players who search for real money online casino games. It has an RTP score of 95.80 percent, which is high and indicates that most of the players enjoy the game.

Solar Se7en

cards and dices

Another great real money online casino game from Playtech is Solar Se7en. It offers five reels and 40 payline slot and available for both Android and iPhone devices. It is one of the galaxy-themed slots that are so popular among online gambling players nowadays.  The game also has a high RTP score, which is 96 percent. Although it offers only four rows with five reels, it has a high range of coins. While playing Solar Se7en, you will feel yourself in some strange alien planet. The game has two wild symbols. The first one is a regular wild symbol that represents the sun and helps users to earn 50-800 coins when users hit three. Generally, wilds replace all the reel elements in the game. Additionally, there are two main characters. First one is alien which costs 20-150 coins and astronaut which costs 30-200 coins.

Satsumo’s Revenge

This game is also from Playtech company for real money online casino games with RTP score of 95.83 percent. It offers five reels and 25 paylines and cross-platform, which means you can easily play from your smartphone, tablet, and PC. it has Japanese martial theme which throws three Shuriken Wilds onto the reels. The game also provides a feature called Fighting Free Spins where you play Rock, Paper, Scissors with your opponent to win free spins. Symbols in the game consist of A, J, Q, K and ten cards and additional fruit symbols. Fruit symbols include limes, blueberries, cherries, satsumas, and strawberries. Among the fruits, satsumas are the most valuable ones because they give you 40 times of your stake. There is also dragon wild which replaces all your symbols except scatters.

Monopoly on the Money

cards dices chips

Monopoly on money is one of the most popular board games and now is available for real money online casino games. It offers five reels and ten paylines and 2000x jackpot to the players. It is evident that the monopoly is one of the most played real money online casino games, especially when you gather and spend time with your friends. But online slot Monopoly is for only one player, and here you do not play with your friends. Let’s consider what kind of prizes you can earn from the Monopoly on Money. The highest prize you can win is 2000x, and you can win it only you manage to hit the full row with special logo symbols. Other than that you can win 1000x prize when you hit the five cats or five dogs on the win line.

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