The Tweety Birds
playing this amazing game

Here is a classic representative of slot games with a large number (50) of play lines and four horizontal rows. The Tweety Birds slot machine can “get out of yourself” even the most patient players, with extremely long lines of empty spins without significant winnings and bonus games. We recommend that you play this slot and recognize the following hidden features.

The slot machine Tweety Birds has similarity in functionality with the Wild Shark slot, but at the same time, it has differences in the number of gaming lines, the cost of winning combinations and the slot’s behavior in the bonus game.

In the main game, there are quite many winning combinations, ranging in cost from 0.5 to 10 bets, and periodic combinations requiring 20-50 bets often result in loss of balance due to some uncompleted turns.

The bonus game on the Tweety Birds slot machine is usually available in the first rotations, but sometimes it can exceed 50-150 rotation. In the bonus game, extra spins occur more frequently, unlike the WILD SHARK slot game, and in the first five rounds, sometimes over 10-12 free spins. Winning a bonus game is usually equal to or slightly lower than WILD SHARK, as this slot is worse because it produces many wild symbols, especially in all rows. The average win ranges from 10 to 100 bets. Due to the possibility of completely closing the three central cylinders with wheel symbols, the potential of the bonus is a huge gain (more than 300 bets), however, because the slot could not realize its potential better, for example, WINS SHARK recognizes that it is better to be larger. So that, winning in TWEETY BIRDS is extremely rare.

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